Scuba diving in Phuket, Thailand

bruno mathieu      Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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Scuba diving in Phuket, Thailand

The island of Phuket in Thailand is often called "The Pearl of the South ', but for lovers of diving, it is certainly the crown jewel of the Andaman Sea, one of the most diving destinations deemed the world.This island paradise is just 8 degrees north of the equator, enjoying a tropical climate with a water temperature of 24 ° C (78 ° F) on average and a variety of underwater life without equal. The best season for diving is between October and May, between the two monsoons, but it is pleasant throughout the year. A fleet of dive boats crosses the azure waters of the Andaman Sea which were for thousands of years the main trade route used by merchant vessels but also pirates, explorers and missionaries from India, Arab nations and Europe to China, the former Kingdom of Siam (Thailand) and Japan.

Diving in the Similan IslandsDespite its strategic position and its long maritime history, many areas remain relatively unexplored. This limit submarine can continue to discover new and exciting sites that are now reserved for this purpose. Even today, in some areas such as Hin Daeng south of Phuket, around Burma Banks in the North, and in almost all of the Mergui Archipelago, you might have the pleasure of being one of the first to dive on many sites.

For divers, the true treasures of the Andaman Sea are hidden under the surface, where the wide panorama explodes into a symphony of colors and corals. The warm waters, clear and rich in nutrients attract large schools of tropical fish, manta rays, and the famous whale sharks that inspired both fear and admiration. Shows very different submarines and abundance of aquatic life combined with good visibility (sometimes excellent) will delight photographers and marine naturalists. The sites are exceptionally varied and offer a full range of dive profiles. You can start with a lazy drift dive through the beautiful coral gardens and try cave diving through the many caves and tunnels, explore a shipwreck, or undertake a multilevel dive along a granite wall steep that every corner houses different creatures. Exotic culture and adventure, whether on or below the surface of the water, tasty and unforgettable food, Phuket has all the necessary diving vacation ideal and memorable ingredients.

Training Diving in Phuket - Thailand

The Andaman Sea is the most wonderful classroom for learning to dive or improve your skills and move to higher level of license. Visit our Patents section for more information

Excursions-day diving in Phuket - Thailand

For divers traveling with children, those who have a tight schedule, or those who simply prefer to enjoy the nightlife of Phuket diving clubs on the island offer an excellent selection of day trips. Check our pages for a detailed description of the main areas accessible way.

Cruises Diving - Phuket - Similan - Andaman Sea - Thailand

Each year, divers from around the world come to Phuket to attend one of the many diving cruises visiting some of the most remote and untouched places on earth. So you can live, eat and dive on the most spectacular sites. Thailand you will find boats of varied style to suit all budgets and desires comfort. If you are not very attached, so sleep on deck rather than in a spacious and comfortable cabin indifferent to you, your wallet will thank you. In contrast, several dive boats offer private air-conditioned cabins, the services of a professional photographer, modern means of communication and other extras such as gourmet menus. These ships have the advantage of stability and all the navigational equipment required for safe exploration areas to the west and north of the archipelago of Similan (Similan Islands) islands such as Burma Banks and Richelieu Rock. Visit our Cruises section for more information.

Croisière sur les îles Similan 2019/2020





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