Mentoring become .. First Aid Instructor

bruno mathieu      Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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Master Instructor - TDA/CMAS Instructor 1, 2 and 3 Star*

Le mentorat devient .. Instructeur en secourisme

Cours instructeur de première intervention d'urgence:

During the Emergency First Response Instructor course, you will build on your skill as an Emergency Responder and focus on developing your instructional abilities to teach these skills to others. The Instructor course provides you with the additional training necessary to teach the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR), Secondary Care (First Aid) and Care for Children courses. (Region-specific courses including First Aid at Work Asia Pacific and First Aid at Work Great Britain require additional training.) Through a multi-media approach of independent study, classroom sessions and practical teaching assignments, you learn to conduct Emergency First Response courses.

The instructor course covers specific goals and performance requirements for the Primary Care, Secondary Care and Care for Children courses, along with instruction on how to structure learning, the requirements of performance-based training, and your role as the instructor in the learning environment. You also learn how to motivate students, evaluate student knowledge, present course content effectively, become proficient in developing students' hands-on skills practice sessions, and are taught how to present an effective scenario-based learning experience.

To enter the Emergency First Response Instructor course, you must be 18 years old and have completed CPR and first aid training in the past 24 months or a be a practicing medical professional such as a physician, Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic and Registered Nurse.


To enter the Emergency First Response Instructor, you must be 18 years old and have successfully completed training in CPR and first aid for adults, children and infants in the last 24 months or be a medical professional such as a doctor or an emergency nurse.

EFR Instructor

To teach CPR, EFR course, is open to all people with notions of pedagogy: sports instructor, diving instructor, coach, divemaster, instructor in the course of a business ..... Conditions for participation in: EFR patent or équivalent18ans The instructor kit is mandatory

Price 400.- € + 100.- € for certification and 150 -. € kit for Instructor

The price incluse

  • * Theoretical courses

The price not incluse

  • * Educational materials (books, dive table, log book, etc.).
  • * Issuing an international card



You can subscribe by e-mail or by phone.

E-mail thank you for giving me:

- Your name and surname

- Your phone or GSM

Must be present at each class and participate in simulations.

If no, thank you prevent.

We sarrangera to catch up the lost session.

A written and practical exam is required to obtain a degree.

Candidates not having the examination will not be certified.

During the sessions, you can take notes, ask questions and interrupt the course if you do not understand.

Do not be afraid, you're there to learn at your own pace and most importantly stress free.

You will receive a manual to study at home safely and review techniques.


For your reservation:

50% deposit to confirm your reservation

The remaining starting your course

Any deposit is lost 30 days before the course date.

Master Instructor - TDA/CMAS Instructor 1, 2 and 3 Star*





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