Koh Lipe

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Croisière à Phuket 2019/2020 .... ambiance amusante, plaisir et bon prix garanti .....


Koh Lipe

sunset koh lipe

koh lipe island

Le village est situé sur la côte nord de Koh Lipe où vous pouvez trouver l’école, une petite infirmerie et quelques étals et magasins.

La situation du village et de Forra Resort est que l’air est plus frais et qu’il n’ya pas de moustiques en été. Il est plus facile de dormir sans air conditionné ou de le ventiler.

La plage de Pattaya se trouve à dix minutes à pied du village et est située sur la côte sud de l’île. Cette belle plage, connue pour ses restaurants et ses bars, est l'endroit idéal pour sortir le soir mais il n'est pas conseillé de dormir là-bas.

La géographie

Koh Lipe fait partie du groupe Butang, un groupe de vingt îles, situé à l'ouest de Koh Tarutao dans le parc marin de Tarutao en Thaïlande.

The Butang group knows the bigger tides and currents can be very strong, which explains the richness and diversity of the seabed. Thus, Diving and Snorkeling is excellent around Koh Lipe.

Some of the islands in the archipelago are large and mountainous. They are covered with primary forest and are surrounded by a fringing reef. Others are nothing more than a few rocks diorite (a type of granite with less quartz) leaving only water. Koh Lipe is relatively flat, as its name indicates Chao Ley Pulau Nipi, which means the island platform. Koh Adang is the largest island in the north of Koh Lipe. It is similar in size and appearance to Koh Rawi, its neighbor to the east.


The year is divided into two main seasons. The dry season begins in early November and ends in May. The rainy season begins in June and ends in late October.

From November to February, the wind northeast (Chinese monsoon affecting the east coast of Thailand) provides a cool breeze all night. The wind stops at the beginning of March, so that the following are the hottest months of the year. The months from March to May offer the best visibility and the best chance to see the pelagic.

From June to the end of October, the southwest monsoon, from the Indian Ocean, brings a lot of rain. The ferries will cease to operate and Koh Lipe is now closed to tourists. The island then receive a welcome break at the ecological level.


The people of Koh Lipe is known as Chao Leh, which means "men of the sea" or "sea gypsies" in Thai. Those living in Adang, Lipe and Lanta bulon are known to Urak Lawoy, and come from Malaysia and Sumatra. To Kiri was the first chief of the village of Koh Lipe, known to history and visited the islands at the beginning of the last century, at the invitation of the Governor of the province of Satun. Koh Lipe was given to him by royal decree to Thai dominance in this region coveted by the English. There are currently 700 Chao Leh Lipe and Adang-200 as well as Don bulon Leh.

The language reflects the Urak Lawoy malay-Polynesian origins. Their animistic religion is separate and sea gypsies revere the spirit of their ancestors, the sea and the islands. Evil spirits and bad luck generate disasters, the good spirits protect the fisherman and his family. Twice a year, on the full moon in May and in October and November, the festival of Loy Rua testament to the strength of these ancient beliefs. The Chao Leh revere the memory of their ancestors and especially of their founding leader, To Kiri. They build a boat 2 meters in which they put spices, rice, fish, cakes, locks of hair and nail clippings. The festival lasts for three days and drinking is constant. The third day, the Chao Leh launch the boat into the sea and if it drifts off, the year is in the best auspices. If the boat ran aground on the beach, the year looks bad.

The creation of Tarutao Marine Park and his appointment as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1973 marked the end of complete freedom enjoyed by the sea gypsies and Adang Rawi villages were moved on Lipe to ensure the protection of nature in these islands.

Tourism and the emergence of money began mid-1980 and the first groups of bungalows were built in the early 1990.

koh lipe beach

Information Transport

Ferrys & Speedboats for Koh Lipe

From November to May, there are ferries to speedboats & every day:

  • Koh Lipe - Koh Tarutao - Pak Barra
    Koh Lipe - Langkawi 
    Koh Lipe - Koh Muk - Koh Ngai - Koh Lanta
    Koh Lipe - Koh Muk - Koh Ngai - Koh Lao Liang - Koh Lanta - Koh Phi Phi

From May to November, there are ferries to speedboats & every day:

     Koh Lipe - Pak Barra (2 boats per day)

For schedules & speedboats ferry Forra: visit www.forraspeedboat.com

For a complete list of schedules for ferries: visit www.kohlipethailand.com

Taxi Airport Pekbara Pier - SATUN - TRANG - HAD HAY

My Friend Travel - Mr BANTON 0817384643


How to get there ?

The ferries depart from Pakbara Lipe in Satun province in the southwest of Thailand. Pakbara is 2 hours drive from Hat Yai and Trang. These two great cities of southern Thailand are accessible from Bangkok by plane, train and bus. Hat Yai is directly served by Malaysia and Singapore. Ferries are operational from November 1 to May 15

Pakbara the pier is the best known and best served, but since 2005, a new ferry service operates from the island of Langkawi, Malaysia. Thai border post is going from Langkawi from the pier Pantaikok.

There is a speedboat per day during the high season, the port Tammalang near Satun.

Airlines flying to these destinations are Thai Airways, Air Asia, Malaysia Airlines, Silk Air and Tiger Airways from Singapore.

What to take with you?

Koh Lipe est une petite île pas très développée . Vous n’y trouverez ni banque ni distributeur. Assurez-vous donc de prendre suffisamment d’argent avec vous. Vous trouverez quelques petites épiceries et étals dans le village de Koh Lipe, où vous pouvez acheter nourriture, médicaments, etc… Pour le reste, Pakbara est une bien meilleure idée.


Since November 2004, the phone will work on Koh Lipe. For those who frequently use, you can buy a chip in Thai village shops. Some Internet points can be found on Koh Lipe since 2002.

bar club diving koh lipe

Cruise Safari - LiveAboard

New on Koh Lipe

Three marine parks proposed

We offer the best 18 dives 3 marine parks Koh Tarutao, Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi, Our trip covers more than 100 nautical miles from Koh Lipe and Koh Phi Phi.

Our cruise ship is a classic wooden trawler 27m specially equipped for diving and 7 double cabins and 2 shower-toilet. Chalan 3 Seatrekker offers a pleasant and professional to explore the Andaman Sea so while enjoying the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Marine Safari Program :

Day 1: Tarutao Marine Park

8 Mile Rock
8 Mile Rock
( night dive )

First night moored at Jabang

Day 2: Tarutao Marine Park

Yong Hua Wreck Dive
Koh Sarang island
Honey island
(Koh Pung)Pick-up at 14.00h at Koh Pung for people on the 2-day package.
Free transfer to Forra Bamboo Resort with our long tail boat.

Crossing to Koh Rok National Park ( 6 hours )

Night dive at Koh Rok

Night spent moored between Koh Rok Nok and Koh Rok Nai


Day 3: Koh Lanta Marine Park

Hin Daeng
Hin Muang
Hin Daeng
Crossing between Hin Daeng and Koh Ha( 3 hours ) .

Sunset and night dive in Koh Ha.

Third night spent moored and protected in Koh Ha.


Day 4: Koh Lanta Marine Park

Koh Ha
Koh Ha Yai

Drop-off at Koh Phi Phi at 13.30h for people on the 4 day package.
Ferries to Krabi & Phuket depart at 14.00h.

PhiPhi Snake Cave
Bida Nok

Night dive in Maya bay

Fourth night spent moored and protected in Maya Bay.

Day 5: Phuket protected area


Drop off at 7.30 A.M on Phi Phi Don pier

Épave du King Cruiser
Phuket Shark Point
Racha Noi Mur Sud ou Koh Doc Mai
(selon les plongeurs).

Plongée de nuit à Racha Noi

5ème nuit passée amarrée et protégée à Racha Noi



Croisière sur les îles Similan 2019/2020





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